Fair Trade Cotton Blossom From A Fair Trade Cotton Farm In India

Wear Fair
This Is Fair Trade & Organic Cotton Clothing

WearFair is doing things differently. We believe that treating our partners and our planet well is the right thing to do - and it's good business.

Wear Fair sources organic cotton from fair trade certified farms, which means that we're sourcing our products sustainably. Our garments are then cut and sewn by a fair trade certified textile factory, which means fair wages and safe working conditions for the people making your clothes. Not only will you feel good in Wear Fair's fair trade clothes - you'll feel good about wearing them. We work hard to be sure that as much as possible of the garment production in done within fair trade certified textile organizations - from seed to stitch. Protecting our planet and building solid, equitable relationships with our fair trade partners and customers is what makes Wear Fair a unique worker co-operative initiative.

Why Fair Trade Organic Cotton Clothing?

Fair Trade Cotton farmer Pravin standing in his fair trade organic cotton field Plummeting prices for raw materials like cotton have created a no-win situation for hard-working farmers in many parts of the world. Denied a fair price for their crops, some farmers have been struggling just to eke out a livelihood. Fair Trade certification is turning things around. By ensuring that farmers get a fair deal for their labour, Wear Fair is creating opportunities for you to be part of a movement for change.

Watch the fair trade cotton clothing video to see how Wear Fair is doing things differently.

Doubly Certified, Doubly Committed

Fair Trade Textile Worker Josmi in her uniform in a fair trade certified textile factory What makes WearFair different? Our cotton is grown on organic farms in India. This means that farmers are not exposed to dangerous pesticides that can lead to health problems, ground water pollution and unsustainability. The cotton is also certified Fair Trade, meaning that farmers and their cooperatives receive a fair price for their cotton and have the opportunity to direct some of the proceeds back into their communities. From the farms, the cotton travells to a Fair Trade-exclusive cotton gin and then onward to a Fair Trade certified textile factory. Through the Fairtrade Labelling Organization's independent third-party cetification, our partners at the factory are able to demonstrate our common commitment to safe working conditions, reasonable working hours and fair wages. To learn more about the cotton process, take a look at Seed to Stitch.



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