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Fair Trade Cotton

Who are we, anyway?

Wear Fair is a wholesale cotton garment initiative that is committed to excellent quality, environmental sustainability and fair trade. At Wear Fair we believe that people have a right to be paid fairly for their work - and that their work is in safe conditions along the entire value chain, from field to fashion. How do we guarantee this? Our garments are made from Fair Trade and organic cotton and manufactured in a Fair Trade certified textile factory, which means that we are able to ensure everyone involved is getting a fair deal. Along with our sister company, Planet Bean Coffee, we are working to increase your range of Fair Trade, organic products available in Canada. Along with all the Sumac partners, at Wear Fair we are:

We believe our success is grounded in a moral economy informed by the principals of fair trade for our producers, our workers, our shareholders and our customers.

We have a passion for excellent clothing, and this is reflected in our knowledge and advancement of Fair Trade cotton garments

We are respectful of the many people involved in making our garments - from the farmers who grow and harvest the cotton, to the textile workers who sew them, the staff who sell them and finally to you who wear them.

Ecologically Sustainable
We believe our success as a business is measured not only by our financial earnings but also our ability to reduce our ecological footprint, improve the health of the planet and advance organic production.

Co-operatively Driven
We believe a democratic workplace based on the international principals of co-operation is the way to create a model for a people centred economy.

We are looking forward to providing you with cotton clothing you can feel good about... and good in.

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