Seed to Stitch

From Seed to Stitch: How organic fair trade cotton goes from plants to pants

Part of what makes Fair Trade different is that we want you to have a chance to learn about the many people involved in the process of the things we use every day - things like the clothes we wear or our morning coffee or tea. Despite the fact that we are surrounded by the works of other peoples' hands, it is easy to forget in our busy lives that we rely on the hard work of others for most of the things we use every day. So how do we get our clothes? What is the process by which our shopping bags are filled? Who are the talented people behind our favourite T-shirt? Simply put, who are the people in your global neighbourhood?

Step One - Growing Fair Trade Organic Cotton

Fair Trade Organic Cotton Farmer Pravin is a fair trade cotton farmer in Gujarat, India and a member of Agrocel, a Fair Trade farmers' co-operative. On his organic cotton farm, Pravin grows the cotton that is later harvested and transported to a Fair Trade exclusive cotton gin.




Step Two - Cleaning it Up

Fair Trade Cotton productionFrom Pravin's field the cotton travels to a Fair Trade cotton gin owned and operated by Agrocel. There the cotton is cleaned and baled and prepared for shipping to manufacturers such as Assisi Organics in Tamil Nadu, India.





Step Three - Turning It into Fair Trade Clothing

Fair Trade Factory Worker Josmi At Assisi Organics, workers like Josmi turn the cotton into the comfortable, quality garments that make Wear Fair what it is. Trained at Assisi, a Fair Trade certified factory that creates opportunities for women who might otherwise be marginalized, workers like Josmi receive fair wages and work reasonable hours working in safe conditions.

Wear Fair couldn't do it without them - and we couldn't do it without you.



For more information on Agrocel and the cotton process, click here.





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